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Locks & Lacrosse 6/5/18

There has been so much going on between my regular office duties here at the chamber and amping up for the summer season with all the events that are coming up.

Moods & Motivation

Moods & Motivation With the coming of Spring, comes what feels like a never ending cycle of melting snow and a sloppy mixture of mud and slush that lines the sidewalks and pathways.  Let’s be honest, we here in the North Country don’t really witness a coming of Spring until at the very least Memorial…

Baskets & Breaks 3/27/18

…at the Easter Egg Hunt and Spring Family Fest at the Community Center on Beach Street on Saturday.

Giraffes & Goals 3/20/18

We laughed and laughed.  It was worth a shot.

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I was born and raised in good ol’ Massena, New York.  I graduated from Massena Central High School ins 2009 and obtained a degree in Marketing and Public Relations.

Currently, I am serving as the Associate Director of the Greater Massena Chamber of Commerce whilst juggling life and motherhood.  That’s right, I’m mother to a handsome little five year old boy.

Tune in weekly as I discuss how I juggle daily happenings at the Chamber and the task of being a mother whilst trying to stay sane in this all too chaotic world.

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