We welcome YOU to participate in our first Small Business Leadership Conference.

This two-day conference provides small businesses with an opportunity to network with industry professionals, learn about future trends, marketing strategies, renewable energy and ways to develop and grow your business.

various topics including Hiring the Right Candidate, Bookkeeping Tips, Policies and Procedures… and many more…

with diverse minded Business Professionals…

into new trends and opportunities…

Professional development can be costly. Take advantage of this free opportunity to gain valuable information to assist with your business development.

The Mohawk Council of Akwesasne’s Economic Development, along with its partners, the Cornwall Chamber of Commerce, Massena Chamber of Commerce and Akwesasne Chamber of Commerce are pleased to announce the collaboration of a Small Business Leadership Conference.

Held from March 14 & 15, 2018 at the Akwesasne Mohawk Casino & Resort.

Join us at this great Networking Event

Maxium of 100 Attendees, Register before its too late!

Workshop Sessions to look Forward To:

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Cultural Awareness
Presented by Beatrice Johnson
A quick look at getting to know your neighbours. This informational session will give you a brief insight into the history of our people, some of the struggles of our past and how we are moving forward in todays society.

Motivation and Leading your Team
Presented by Abrahm Dimarco
What is leadership? Some may equate leadership to boss, but you will learn that is untrue. Being a great leader takes commitment, communication and support. Learn tips on what you can do to lead your team to greatness.

Six Steps for Creating a Customer Focused Culture
Presented by Kylee Tarbell
Knowing and understanding your customer is important to every business owner. In this session, you will learn steps to creating a customer focused culture from within, what are your expectations with regards to customer service, how can you, as a team, do to ensure a high quality of service to your customer.

Women in Business
Presented by Nance Arquiett and Brittany Murtagh
Want to be motivated and inspired? Listen and learn from Nance Arquiett and Brittany Murtagh who has been through it all. The challenges faced and what they did to get where they are today.

Networking Essentials – The Business Pitch
Presented by Colleen Nolan
Networking is essential for every business owner. In this session, you will create an effective and powerful business pitch and have fun putting your networking skills into practice.

Network Marketing and Social Media Tips to get your business rocking!
Presented by Catherine Landry
This fun and highly interactive session will get your mind thinking ‘outside the box’. You will learn about the importance of marketing, ways to increase your visibility as well as resources to grow your business.

Money Smarts for Business Owners
Presented by Judith Cane
Building a successful business from the ground up is a huge challenge at the best of times. You need a solid business plan and a limitless amount of energy and enthusiasm. But more importantly you need to be Money Smart. You will be able to implement Judith’s Money Smart tips and maximize the chances of your business success.

TOTAL Team Building
Presented by Colleen Nolan, Kylee Tarbell, Casey Swamp, and Nathan Lashomb
Here’s a chance to have your team participate in this conference. Each employee is a valuable asset to any business. Strengthening your team can have many benefits including motivation, commitment and performance. In this workshop, your team members will have the opportunity to be engaged, learn new things and have fun !!

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Grants and Loans for the Entrepreneur (Ontario/Quebec)
Presented by Panel
Community Futures Development Corp, Kevin Veilleux
Tewatohnhisaktha, Ron Murray
Mohawk Council of Akwesasne, Colleen Nolan
Business Banking, RBC
A panel of speakers will present information about Funding and Grants available to Business Owners in Ontario/Quebec information on requirements, application procedures and where to obtain more information.

Grants and Loans for the Entrepreneur (New York State)
Presented by Panel
US Small Business Administration, Dan Rickman
USDA, Brian Murray and Renee Hotte
Point Positive, Melinda Little
Adirondack Economic Development Corp. (AEDC), Jim Murphy
TVR/ACCESS VR, Shelley Jacobs
Akwesasne Revolving Loan Fund, Edward Smoke
A panel of speakers will present information about Funding and Grants available to Business Owners in New York State with information on requirements, application procedures and where to obtain more information.

Developing an Online Presence
Presented by Jason Hendricks
Building your online presence is important to your business. Find out where you need to be online to grow your audience and how to integrate  your website with your social media profiles for a seamless online identity.

How to do Business with the Mohawk Council of Akwesasne
Presented by TBA
Learn about the procedure and process for working with Mohawk Council Departments. Hear from the Finance Department how they work with other MCA Departments to ensure the process is followed and what situations can cause delays in payments.

Strategic Planning Boot Camp Session
Presented by Kylee Tarbell and Colleen Nolan
With the recent signing of a Try Chamber Alliance MOU, how is it that we can encourage partnerships, engage professional relationships and grow together as neighboring communities. This session will have you brainstorming and coming up with some idea/goals to future develop our regional partnership.

Stand & Deliver
Presented by Colleen Nolan and Kylee Tarbell

Does publick speaking get your stomach in knots? Learn 7 valuable tips to help you become a confident and engaging speaker. In this interactive session you will practice your public speaking skills and receive constructive feedback.

Developing Financial Skills
Presented by TBA

Building Partnerships
Presented by Simon McLinden
Relationship building is key to success in any business you are in. How can we build better relationships and partnerships with our neighbors? Hear about some current projects that have opened the door to opportunities because of our unique geographic location.

Bulding Your Brand: How to Stand Apart from the Crowd
Presented by Ryan Seale
In this hour-long workshop, we will uncover why having a strong brand is imperative. Then we’ll take actionable steps to ensure you have all the pieces in place to communicate why you are a business worth choosing.

Interested in possibley presenting? Contact Colleen Nolan at colleen.nolan@akwesasne.ca or 613-575-2250 ext 1054