Weddings, Birthdays, Meetings, and more can be held in our Event Center!

Not only that, but there is enough room for bounce houses too! You can contact businesses such as BD Entertainment if you’re in need of bouncy entertainment for someone’s Birthday.

About our Event Center:

Holds up to 99 people.

Includes tables, folding chairs, and a Podium.

Has sound system; Mixer, Speakers, Microphone.

Has a working fridge.

Also easy access to restrooms.


Members – $25

Non-Members – $75

-A $50 refundable security deposit is required by any user of the Event Center.

-For weekly/monthly use prices will be discussed with the Director.

Event Center Sign Up
Please note that this is to help you reserve a time for the event center. You must still come to the Chamber and sign a contract & pay at least a week BEFORE the event happens. (Failure to sign a contract or pay a week in advance will result in your date no longer being reserved.)
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To read/print/download the contract click:

Building Use Application 2016

See what Dates are currently Available: