There have been a lot of requests to bring downtown decorating back to Massena! So let’s plan for 2018

First we’ll need to buy some new decorations to replace broken, lost, or ones that are too old. Funding will also go towards the man power required to set up committee meetings, finding & shopping for decorations, sorting+storing of decorations, and the planning, staffing, and advertising for a Holiday Event.
Our first goal will be for $5000, this will be a good start into achieving a decorated downtown and planning a Holiday Event. However, the more we can raise the more we’ll be able to do! We’ll also need volunteers willing to help organize decorations, transport, and put up/tear down decorations. While the Massena Electric Department does help, they can’t do it all, and we can help with the smaller things. Anyone who would like to volunteer can Sign Up Here.

With proper funding and the necessary volunteers we can bring the Holiday Spirit back to Massena!


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  1. Cynthia Flynn

    Did you receive my donation?

    1. Day

      We did indeed and we thank you for your contribution!

  2. Kelly Jesmer

    I’d love to have our Class of ‘76 represented. Wouldn’t you?
    I love Kim’s idea. I would like to try to include The Class of ‘76 in this also!!! Would this be a possibility ? We would just have to keep track of what class the donation would be coming from!!!
    Kim Layo Letner has a great idea:
    I had an idea…every graduating class of MCHS has class reunions and either they contact their class members through private FB groups, email groups or even snail mail. What if you challenged different class years to buy a Christmas decoration. I would love the class to 1975 to have a part of bring back Christmas decorations to downtown Massena.