Why is Customer Convenience Important? 

Customers today are working outside of traditional office roles, more so than of days past, while raising families, chauffeuring children to activities, and running errands.  They are often willing to pay more to save time and trying to schedule as many stops as they can into one.  For example, shopping at the grocery store closest to the arena where their son is having hockey practice, picking up a gift card for that birthday coming up, and getting gas at the corner on the way home.  Today’s consumer finds more joy in spending money to save time.  

Simplicity strives to provide convenience to our customers.  We implemented a ‘Kids Korner’ so our children visitors can be entertained while visiting the store.  We offer a variety of toys, books, and puzzles with a child’s size table and chairs as well as a TV that plays Disney programming. Our Kids Korner is tucked away from street sight and monitored by Simplicity staff so that special little person can have a fun experience and allow mom, grandmother, aunt, sister, or friend a peaceful and worry free shopping experience.   This has been a big hit with both young and old alike and is a welcoming addition allowing Simplicity to be factored into a convenient stop. 

We also understand due to our schedule and our customer’s schedules that it isn’t always feasible for customers to shop in person.  For that reason we offer the convenience of purchasing any of our in store items online through our web store at www.simplicityclothing2.com These purchases can be picked up in store at our 45 Main Street location free of charge or shipped for a nominal fee. The web store also allows customers to immediately check if an item is available in a particular size or color without having to wait for a response from a Simplicity staff member.

In addition to our web store, we post new store introductions (with links to purchase), sales, promotions, tidbits and information to our Facebook business page www.facebook.com/simplicityclothing2 and our Facebook group www.facebook.com/groups/simplicityclothing  We also offer e-gift cards as well as physical gift cards and personal shopping in person and online FREE of charge! 

Customer convenience equates to saving time and effort.  Our name Simplicity means the state, quality, or instance of being simple and the freedom from complexity.  Bottom line is we want convenience because we have real lives.  At Simplicity, we believe customer convenience is important because we have real lives too! 

– Shelyn Peets, Owner of Simplicity

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