I want to thank the Greater Massena Chamber Of Commerce, and by extension, the local community, for allowing me to serve you on the board of directors for four years and as the President for the past two years. I’d also like to thank the Chamber’s staff, Nathan Lashomb & Day Snyder, for their hard work and continued efforts to expand their knowledge and capabilities, and my fellow Board members for their time, their dedication, and their friendship.

 It is my hope that during my time serving as President, that I was able to help guide the Chamber into the future.  I take great pride in the things that we were able to accomplish during my tenure.

This group has taken many steps to keep up with the ever-changing business trends and strives towards supporting the businesses in our town. The addition of the food and wine showcase allows us to showcase our area restaurants and beverage distributors. This event allows business members and the community to mingle for an evening of fun. I hope to see this event and other events continue.

We have also successfully launched a new directory driven website and generated a strong social media presence, allowing us the opportunity to communicate more efficiently about our events as well as topics that affect the community at large.

As we continue into 2020, I encourage you to continue to stay involved in our wonderful community. In a small town like ours, our personal lives and our professional lives intersect often. If you are wondering what is the best way for you to get involved with the Chamber, call or come by the office and talk to Nate or Day, and, whether you want to jump in with both feet, start slow, or just attend the many fun events throughout the year, I’m sure they will guide you in the right direction. Just remember, a Chamber membership is very much like a fitness membership for your business; if you don’t go and put in the effort, you won’t see the positive results!

Thank you so much for allowing me to serve the Greater Massena Chamber of Commerce and please feel free to reach out if I can ever be of help.

Thank you,
Jason Hendricks

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