When I say, “Make a page, not a Profile” I’m referring to Facebook. All the time I see small business owners making themself a “Business” Profile page and refusing to make a page instead. Here is the thing though, Facebook made Pages for business and profiles for individuals. It’s like one of those shape toys for toddlers, the triangle goes into the triangle slot.

Here are some issues with using a Profile instead of a Page:
– Come up after Pages in Facebook Search.
– Can’t ‘boost’ posts.
– There are a lot of back end settings to turn off to make a profile public
– Posts will only show to ‘Friends’ and ‘Followers’. Page posts can show up in anyones feed.
– Only one login, other staff or owners can’t manage it with their own account.
– Can’t track analytics on a profile page.
– Doesn’t have proper place to put business address, links, hours, etc.
– Can be banned because it’s not a ‘person’.

So with that said it’s pretty obvious all of the benefits using a Page has, but I’ll list them anyway:
– Pages are at the top in a Facebook Search.
– Pages allow you to ‘boost’ posts to get more reach, clicks, and views.
– Pages are public once you publish, no need to turn off any privacy settings.
– Multiple people can be made admins, editors, or moderators of the Page.
– Posts can show up in anyones feed, even ones that haven’t liked or followed your page yet (thanks to ‘boosted’ posts).
– Pages give you ‘insights’ aka analytics so you can clicks, likes, views, and the demographics of your audience.
– Pages have an ‘about’ section for you to put all your links and information into.
– Pages are made for businesses, so it won’t get taken down like a profile would.

There is no reason that I can think of not to have a Business Facebook Page instead of a Profile. Now, in some instances I have seen businesses with both. In fact even here at the Massena Chamber we did! The problem with this is if the name on the profile is the exact same as the page, it’s confusing. If you are going to have a profile to partner a page (like we do) then make sure the name is NOT the same. For example, our Page is called the ‘Greater Massena Chamber of Commerce’ and our profile is ‘Chamber ‘Staff at the Massena Chamber’. Make sure they both have different images too, if someone is trying to tag your business you don’t want them to choose the profile over the Business Page.

Social media is incredibly important to small business so make sure it’s getting done correctly to get the most reach. Don’t forget here at the Massena Chamber we offer various workshops/seminars for social media and our Premium Package membership includes us sitting down and doing it with you.

Here is a cute little graphic I found online:

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