We get daily calls and walk ins looking for phone numbers, addresses, and hours. All to often though when looking for this information it ends up being out of date because the business hasn’t claimed or hasn’t updated their business page on google.

This mistake can cost you a lot of potential new customers that can’t get the information they need. Even if you don’t have a strong online presence or you think that you mainly cater to the older generation, I promise you that you want to get google verified. More and more people are using the web and more importantly using google, when they google your business you want to be sure that they can find their way to you. As a Chamber, we often attempt to review and correct google on local businesses. However, because it’s not our business the corrections don’t always go through.

It’s fifteen that could bring in more customers, new customers, and if you do have an online presence raise your SEO.

Take a minute and through the information I’ve provided below on getting verified.

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