Let me be the first to say, it’s been a minute since my last blog post, and for that I apologize.  There has been so much going on between my regular office duties here at the chamber and amping up for the summer season with all the events that are coming up.  As you may know, we had our 86th Annual Food & Wine Showcase at the Country Club last month which was a success, our Annual Townwide Garage Sales Weekend this past weekend, and our upcoming Tri Chamber Golf Tournament.  Not only have we been hosting these events, but amping up for our upcoming ribbon cutting at the newly renovated Triple A Building Center in Massena this Thursday, as well as getting the Locks Gift Shop up and running at the Eisenhower Locks.  All of this means that we’ve been putting in a lot of hours to ensure that the community can have something to look forward to and our members are well taken care of.

Those of you who don’t know, the Eisenhower Locks Visitors Center is now open and they have renovated the building, and it is absolutely gorgeous.  The gift shop that we operate is also open for business, showcasing many new consignors as well as those who have returned. At the gift shop you’ll find products by Catherine Lapointe Illustrations, Commercial Press, Phil & Jackie’s, Good Dog Charlies, Divalissa’s Handmade Treats, Fine N Dandy, Three Rivers Sugar Bush and so much more!  I love to bring my little guy out for an ice cream and to watch the ships on the overlook, it’s definitely a great family activity for after dinner.

On top of it all however, my son has transitioned from hockey to lacrosse.  Therefore, in addition to hosting our own garage sale at home, Massena Minor Lacrosse hosted its first home tournament of the season at Massena Central High School.  With 50/50 raffle tickets in hand (we were supposed to resell them) penned in my name, my thirty one tote filled with store bought muffins for the bake sale, sunscreen (moon block, if you know me) and a first aid kit (let’s be honest, no one ever thinks of those) because our children are after all wielding large sticks and chasing after to wrestle for a ball (I love it, mind you).  Additional contents included a water bottle that leaked all over everything, including dripping down the back of my pants and an extra helmet because with all this chaos around us, we parents are human and it’s not unheard of to forget things.

With all the mayhem the last few weeks between work and home, it never felt so good to watch my little guy who is a natural defensemen mind you (He’s little but fierce!), speed down the field, ball in possession and weave in and out of opposing players and make a shot on the goal.  So close, as it bounced off the post, I was still so proud at his effort. We celebrated with lunch from Italian Affair’s food truck and surprisingly a banana nut muffin from the bake sale, the ones I bought. He recognized the basket that I brought them in and he gobbled it up in seconds.

He then asked if I could bake more…


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