Moods & Motivation

With the coming of Spring, comes what feels like a never ending cycle of melting snow and a sloppy mixture of mud and slush that lines the sidewalks and pathways.  Let’s be honest, we here in the North Country don’t really witness a coming of Spring until at the very least Memorial Weekend when we see the first lilacs bloom (Quick, don’t blink!  You might miss them!) That being said, as I write this, I glance out my window and once again, I’m met with a gloomy, dreary, grey sky which does not do much for the mood or motivation.  However, I have found some ways to get around these minor obstacles.

For one, I visited our very own natural food store, The Healthy Way in search of an herbal and organic remedy and my regular vitamins of course to help with my seasonal funk and be able to put out pinterest worthy treats for snack day for my little sunshine’s class.  Second, I’ve kept an almost flawless scheduling system thanks to google drive’s calendars app! If you haven’t used this, I encourage you to do so, it can sync with any of your current calendars to keep everything easily maintained between doctors appointments and sports activities for the kids and  work meetings and yoga classes for you!

 Third, and certainly my favorite, retail therapy.  What girl doesn’t love a little retail therapy? I purchased a few new pieces of clothing for work attire to have me looking top notch at the Chamber as well as some great pieces for workout wear from JCPenneys and some cute tanks from Etsy and to help stay dedicated to my workout regimen!  After all that though, I’m ready for a nap.





Tell me, how do you stay motivated?



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