Today marks the return from a three day weekend here at the Chamber offices.  That’s right, we dug through our bylaws to see if we had President’s Day off, sure enough, we did.  Delighted as I was last week to saunter out of the office ready for a three day weekend…I had hopes that much would be accomplished, boy was I ever wrong.  

As many of you already know, I’ve been working tirelessly at updating the Chamber’s filing system as well as our Quickbooks’ accounts so that everything has a smooth flow.  Therefore, I was all too excited to have three days of absolutely nothing but vegging, gaming with little man, and enjoying the warmer weather that has hit us unexpectedly (Too bad it rained).  However, as I got home, I was met with a pile of laundry (I can honestly say with a straight face, the size of Mount Everest) and unexpectedly watching my nephew.

Now I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been asked, when I will have more children, if I’d like a boy or girl and so on, I will even admit that I have had a case of baby fever a time or two.  However, when my son gets together with my nephew those cute daydreams turn feverishly fast into chaotic nightmares.  They went to play upstairs in my sons’ bedroom, as I monotonously separated laundry, hitting it with a mixture of bleach and tide stain fighter.  We then made dinner, which was super easy, we did deli works (throwback to the old days in high school!).  Well, it was supposed to be super easy.  My nephew apparently DOES NOT eat sandwiches, he will eat bologna, and bologna only.  Now, we had ham, turkey, salami, roast beef, but we did not have bologna.  Queue the blue box mac and cheese.

Later, my son and nephew exchanged goodbyes.  I asked my son if his room had been picked up, to which I received groans of protest and that he didn’t do it.  So, I proceeded up the stairs,  to find his room left in a hot mess and in complete and utter chaos.  Game controllers left in the hallway, dismantled toys a plenty, stuffed animals that no longer had stuffing, bedding strewn over the curtains and across the room and so on.  Take a guess what happened next?

I closed the door, and walked away, poured a glass of rose and tried to enjoy the rest of my vacay!

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