I know that you have all been waiting on pins and needles for this blog entry.  Those of you who are die hard readers noticed that I was unable post an entry last week because… life happens. 

With day to day operations, meetings on top of meetings, paperwork being faxed, losing our intern, and our Annual Luncheon, there just wasn’t enough time in the day.

We had a lot going on as we hosted our Annual Luncheon, of which over 100 members attended; where I had to address our members about our upcoming Tourism Map.  

As a side point, the Chamber with the support of the Town and Village of Massena, in collaboration with local H3 Designs and Catherine Lapointe Illustrations will produce a Town Tourism Map for the Township of Massena.  You can check out all the details online at www.massenachamber.com

Those of you who were not able to attend, allow me to paint a picture for you.  I am a short person… like smurfette short.  Therefore, I wore heels in addition to having a foot stool in order to address the audience whilst allowing them the opportunity to see who is speaking.  Now, I will be the first to say, that I am as graceful as a bull in a china shop, so just imagine me teetering on a footstool in heels…  Those that were in the first row had the pleasure of having mini heart attacks with their lunch as I just about fell backwards with the podium that was surprisingly light weight.  Amazingly however, (after what felt like teetering for hours), instead of crashing to the ground on my bum for everyone to see I recovered without out skipping a beat and delivered my speech regarding our Town Map.

My week did not end with a breather however.  As Friday progressed, I had to complete the reconciliation for the Luncheon as well as cut checks and do payroll, and it didn’t stop there.  The weekend began and so did hockey tournaments for my little Wayne Gretsky as we played in North Franklin.  He played in 3 back to back games with neighboring communities which made for a very tired five year old and a mom (guess who?) had a sore throat from screaming way too much.  

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