As we move into February, my trips to the grocery store are met with constant reminders that Valentine’s Day is right around the corner.  Quite literally.  In fact, as I round every aisle, there is cards, cookie mixes, heart shaped cookie molds, and so on.  Another reminder?  Opening my son’s take home folder to find a notice from his teacher that their Valentine’s Party is coming up and they will need Valentines to hand out to their classmates.  Which brings me to my next point.

Ladies, I’m talking to you here.  Do you remember filling out Valentines for your classmates when you were young?  You went to the store, picked out a box filled with candy and cards adorned with your favorite character.  You then proceeded home where you painstakingly took the time and made crucial decisions as you wrote the names of your friends and of course that one classmate you had a crush on got that special and unique card that you gave to no one else. You proudly walked into school and handed them out and sheepishly smiled at that crush of yours as you handed them theirs.  You then rushed to your desk to see it adorned with Valentines, you haphazardly shuffled them around looking for that one special one, to see that your crush spent the same amount of time on yours.  As you find it you smile to yourself, and hold it to your chest after you read “You’re AWE – some!”  

Now, I’m gonna lay some truth on you here and now.  I’m probably going to break some hearts too.  As a mother of a boy, I went out and picked out the Valentines (Star Wars) and asked my little bubbaloo if he would like to fill them out.  He proceeded to say, that he didn’t care all too much and continued annihilate the Boston Bruins from NHL 2017.  I ventured out to the living room and showed him the Valentines, which other than being impressed with my choice, he still didn’t take to much of an interest in.

Therefore, I’m sure little Jack or Jeffrey from the fourth grade that you crushed on so hard, didn’t really care either.  

I’ll always wondered why the writing was so much neater.

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