This week at the Chamber, I’ve started doing one of the most monotonous jobs there is.  Dare I say one of the most hated, dreaded, cringe – worthy things.  That’s right. Calling on overdue invoices. I couldn’t have started my week of any better, that’s for sure.  Needless to say, I was out the door as the clock struck 4:30pm on the dot.  
As I bundled up my little guy to leave the warmth of daycare to make the 3 minute trek home, he incessantly asked to play UNO after dinner.  I naively agreed, that if he ate all of his dinner, we could play.  After mowing down on the best comfort food ever, otherwise known as grilled cheese and tomato soup, we came to the point of no return.  

We settled at the table and I took out the directions (its been years, don’t judge me) as my little angel started to awkwardly shuffle the deck.  Let me just say as we begun to play, it was clear that the child I brought into this world, my sweet little boy, was out for blood as he kept hitting me with “draw four” cards and wilds. (this child had the best poker face I’ve ever seen)  It even went as far as me accusing him of stacking the deck.  The first round rapidly ended in my utter defeat.  

Sitting there dumbfounded, I couldn’t believe that my 5 year old child beat me at this game, without even so much as a thought.  He even haphazardly kept flashing his hand, yet there was nothing I could do.  Instead of congratulating him, I challenged him, to the best out of three. We played on as he maniacally laughed.  
I leave you with this note of caution, UNO! Can destroy families.  Next time, I think we’ll stick to Candyland or Chutes and Ladders.

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