We are now in the second week of the New Year and I feel like I am finally back into the swing of things and getting back into a routine both at home and here at the Chamber.  Which as a parent, many of you are aware that it feels like a never ending quest returning to normalcy of things after the holiday season.  It certainly did not help with the temperatures being well below zero either.

My days consist of coordinating this year’s events, in addition to the regular bookkeeping tasks and so forth.  My home life has completely refocused on that of hockey as my son has now entered his second half of the season.  Meaning, you guessed it! Lots of away games and tournaments to attend.  That being said, when I’m not endlessly airing out, washing, and/or febreezing my beautiful child’s equipment (the stench is ungodly), I’m prepping raffle baskets and pinning crockpot recipes for concession stand support.  

Oh and did I mention our yearly checkups?  Yep, it’s that time again.  Time for me to drag my child to the doctor to be onced over.  Except, this year, it seems like my little man’s doctor is leaving practice.  Which means, I have to find someone accepting new patients, but not just that, a new pediatrician that is accepting new patients.  I’d love for any suggestions from my readers!  Comment below any doctors that are in the Massena area.  I’m currently looking into Dr. Gupta’s Office.

With all the insanity however, I find it helpful to keep a schedule on my computer, phone, and even an old school planner.  This way, I have three ways of keeping me on time and aware of upcoming meetings, appointments, due dates and so forth.  The hard part is just remembering to put make sure they get put in properly.  

Whoops, gotta, go, I’ve got a meeting in 2 minutes!  Yikes!!

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