As many of you may be aware, we here at the Chamber had last week off.  Let’s be honest here, it doesn’t matter what field you work in, the week between Christmas and New Years is the most unproductive week of the year.  Everyone is in a daze or suffering from food comas from all the goodies they ate during the Christmas holiday.  I for one can tell you, that I’ve been suffering from heartburn for the last 4 days and that’s after I switched from decadent meats, cheeses, prime rib, and mash potatoes to salads and cottage cheese.  Oh the joy of aging.

With that being said, we had a wonderful Christmas, hectic as it was.  My son made out like a bandit (I’m not even sure why I buy him anything).  Our home in addition to his room is now filled to the brim with two new gaming systems, a tablet, arts and crafts, toys, and even a drone. Even after all of this though, the day after Christmas, when it was stated we had to go to the store to pick up a few things, he asked for a toy. (Please for the love of all  things holy, I’m not the only one?!)  I got a pair of socks and a bath bomb.  (Go me!)  

Other vacation festivities included my son’s hockey game in Canton, to which my car would not start so I had to have it jumped due to the freezing temperatures..  I quickly raced to see him play at the Canton Pavillion, only to be met by flashing lights in my rearview.  After my run in with the law, I made it to the Pavillion in between periods.  My little guy has taken a liking to being in the nets, so they decided to put him in the goalie gear for the first time.  He skated onto the ice from the locker room, resembling nothing other than what I can tell to be the michelin man or ralphie’s little brother from ‘A Christmas Story’.  Snapping pictures galore screaming his name from the stands as I watched him waddle his way to the nets, he fell.  The gear was too big for him to get up, so there he lay, like a turtle on his back, flailing for the attention of the coaches whom were telling the other kids on the bench whether they’d be playing that period or benching it. The stands was roaring with laughter by this point.  Finally they were able to get him up and out of the gear.  Needless to say he was able to take the nets without padding and did exceptionally well.

Throughout my vacation, I tried to do what I call “Christmas” cleaning (an interim to spring cleaning).  I found clothes with tags still on them, unboxed toys, discarded tags and even a gift card from last year’s festivities.  I was able to donate several boxes to The Salvation Army, whom are now located on North Main Street, next to Dollar General.  I wanted to be sure to get rid of all baggage before the new year. In addition to cleaning the house, the fridge and my cupboards were no exception.  I got rid of any and all junk food that was left over.  Unfortunately, the homemade fudge we were gifted, the dogs quickly made a snack of (less calories for me, I guess).  I made a grocery run and filled the fridge with everything from superfruits to kale and spinach.  In an effort to be shed the extra weight I put on during the holiday season (I’m being nice when I say extra weight, it’s a tire’s worth really). There’s no better time to start, its a new year, it’s the first of the month and it’s a Monday (of which I did great).

Now, being day 2, I woke up early this morning to try and get a workout in.  The dog’s quickly put a kibosh to that as they thought I wanted to play as I tried to sweat it out to T25.  They kept barking at me and prancing around, leading me to trip over my huskimo just to fall flat on my back.  Not letting my mediocre workout get to me, I made a fresh salad, cottage cheese and fruit smoothie to bring to work today.  Armed and ready, I made my way into the office, excited about my healthy choice only to be met with a large bag of Ghirardelli Chocolates that were from before we went on vacation.  It is now 2:30pm.  I’ve had 3. -_-   In addition to my sweet indulgences, I’ve now blown through my salad and smoothie and hungry enough to eat my own hand off in between phone calls and getting back into the swing of things.

Tell me, how’s your new year going so far?

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