This week has been rough to say in the least, and it’s only Tuesday. What keeps me going is a light at the end of the tunnel…The few hours after presents have been opened, batteries inserted, and kids smiling as they play peacefully (maybe even quietly) with their new toys.

Monday began with my little guy missing the bus, resulting in myself being tardy to work.  To boot, we are decorating the Event Center for the upcoming Holiday Office Party. It’ll be this Thursday from 6:00pm to 8:00pm for members only, it’s BYOB (Bring your own banter of course ;)) and a dish to pass.  After inhaling a century’s worth of dust, dirt, and glitter, I was able to salvage some passable Christmas decorations, create a selfie wall, and manage to not fall from a 20 foot ladder.  Therefore, it wasn’t a bad day despite it’s start.

After work, I ventured out for some groceries and last minute holiday gifts. When I made the trek home, I was met with anticipated cries to go see the Christmas lights.  After much hesitation and unpacking the groceries, we loaded back into the car armed with hot cocoa from Tim Hortons. We made our way out in search of brightly lit houses and displays to feast our eyes upon. As my luck would have it, roughly five minutes into the car ride my son passed out.  He never got a chance to see any lights as he didn’t stir again until I tucked him into bed.

I awoke this morning and proceeded about my regular routine.  Laying out clothes for my little man, arranging his elf to be roasting mini marshmallows over an open flame (a yankee candle, which in the future I will use a battery operated candle… for reasons) and setting out a sugary bowl of Lucky Charms for him to eat. My thanks was getting groans that he wanted a lunchable instead.  I rushed him to brush his teeth, eat his spiderman vitamin, and get ready for the bus. Only to end up waiting a while before realising: school was closed today, due to inclement weather. -_-

Just when I thought I was having a bad day, a girlfriend of mine really took the cake.  After kicking the snow off my boots and getting back inside to prepare for work, I quickly scroll through facebook to be met with several posts that school was closed. (how’d I miss that one?) I see a post from approximately 9pm last night:  Her daughter, whom is also a friend of my son’s had begged and pleaded her to wear her favorite red rudolph shirt. Which happened to be at the bottom of the dirty clothes hamper, waiting to be washed.  She “compromised” of course, and did a load of laundry to include the shirt, just so her daughter could wear it to school today…  Just for there to be none.

I leave you this week with the strength to overcome the last minute shoppers, the crazy relatives, and the thought to remember that extra pack of batteries, because you undoubtedly will need them on Christmas morning.

Happy Holidays and a Merry Christmas to you all!

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  1. Lindsey Breitbeck

    I’m so glad you enjoyed it Cheeta! A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Years to you and yours! 😀