As many of you are well aware, we are in the midst of our first snowstorm of the year.  Personally, I’m not one for the winter months or the nasty little four letter word that they bring (I’m talking about snow here, people).  I don’t like the cold and I’m sure that many of you will stand with me when I say, I absolutely hate shoveling a driveway. Especially as I’m trying to get my little one on the bus and get to work on time.  Snow can stay in a globe where it belongs.

On top of my hectic morning routine, I started up going back to the gym.  That’s right, I get up before the sun is even up to go sweat it out on the elliptical at World Class Gym.  With aspirations to look like the next Jillian Michaels. In all reality however,  I do this just so I can pig out on sugar cookies (devilish things) and other holiday treats. Lord, help me when we break out the sugar cookie dough this weekend and gingerbread house kits.
On a lighter note, my little guy has shown such an improvement in his behavior that “Duckee” the Elf has returned. My son found him atop our Christmas tree and he exclaimed, “Mommy, Mommy, Look!  I’m on the nice list again!”  Then he proceeded to ask me for money to put in his wallet… -__-  It’s ok, we’ll get there.

I’m thinking a visit to to see the big guy this weekend at St. Lawrence Centre Mall will help put things in perspective. Plus, I can get photos with the family, including our huskies. For those of you with children who are afraid of Santa, or don’t do well with costumed characters, (or if you have pets you’d like to include), I strongly urge you to check out the Photos with Santa there.  A family owned business, Forevermore Studio has done our Santa photos for the last 3 years! They are great with August and they are always great with our two Siberian Huskies, Skybear and Lily Munster (we’re a force to be reckoned with for sure).

In closing, as I peer out the window and see a never ending canvas of white blanketing
Downtown, I can hear the echoes of my child asking “Do you wanna build a snowman?” and only one word comes to mind:


…But I will. =D

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