I’d like to first start off by saying, I hope you had an outstanding Thanksgiving holiday enjoying family, friends, and of course food. I will say that my “homemade” pies were very well received.  However, I’m unsure as to whether or not anyone really believed that I slaved over a hot oven for hours on end. Of course it wouldn’t have mattered since my little prince would only eat cranberry sauce and fruit snacks!   

Despite enjoying the holiday, it was a LOT of work going to several different houses. All the while listening to the Black Friday plans of my relatives, as they mapped out the best routes to accomplish their holiday shopping in record time.

Personally, I worked retail for about ten years before joining the Massena Chamber. This being my first time off, I had no desire to fight the crowds during Thanksgiving Day and early Friday morning. Instead slept in, threw on a pair of my favorite yoga pants, and brewed my favorite k-cup coffee, courtesy of Seasons Gift Shop. Then I made my way to St. Lawrence Centre Mall armed with my son’s letter to Santa, in search of some good holiday steals. (By the way…there is a Letter to Santa drop off box at the Massena Post office.)

I was able to get much accomplished on my list, aside from a few big ticket items. I’m still unsure if my five year old son really needs “Xbox One X”. I wonder at what point we crossed over from the cutesy $10 boutique gifts to such big gifts. I opted to not take a second mortgage on my house last week and just pick up the smaller items.

We took the time to decorate our Christmas tree and “Duckee” the Elf made his debut. He brought a letter, a fresh blanket of snow, and a mug of frothy hot chocolate filled with marshmallows and red sprinkles (which apparently would have been perfect if there was BLUE sprinkles, not red sprinkles). All in all, it was a pretty successful weekend as there were little to no tantrums, lots of laugh, and of course food.

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