Let me just start off by saying, as a product of a divorced family and in addition to being a co parent myself, holidays are not easy. Scheduling is an ABSOLUTE MUST!  I’m by no means exaggerating that it takes a minimum of three days of phone calls, scheduling, text reminders and then rescheduling to keep holidays on pointe.  Yet, without fail, we are ALWAYS late to somewhere.  

Adding to the madness, I prepare and bring a dish to each person’s house whom we are visiting.  This has resulted in me pledging to create an amazing and tasty sausage stuffing, fit for a king and several different pies for desserts.  I thought that I’d actually give a go at making the pies myself. Mind you, I’ve never made a pie. EVER.  I thought I was taking the easy way out. So I decided to do a test run this past weekend of an apple pie (I am not Martha Stewart or Betty Crocker).  In true Breitbeck fashion, it was go big or go home. This particular pie was going to have a braided, flaky, homemade crust with little fall leaves as a design for the upper crust (much like one of those pinterest pictures). However, despite my best efforts…the result was absolutely ATROCIOUS. A bubbly, oozing, hot mess if you will (the dogs even snubbed it).  Therefore, after my epic pinterest fail, I’ve decided it best to phone it in and just buy the pies like I originally planned.

In between work and scouring the nearest grocery store (like Hannafords) for pies, my son has his first ever Louisville Minor Hockey game tonight.  He is all too excited for his first game, which he has stated he will win. This is because he believes has now mastered the art of stopping, rather than plowing into the other children.  Whether he wins this game or not, (honestly, I’m not even sure if they keep score at this age) there’s one thing I am absolutely certain of. This child got his grace from me, and I am praying that he overcomes that for both our sakes!

In hopes that there are no injuries at hockey tonight, I get to go home, air out hockey equipment (Please, tell me…does the stench ever go away?) and clean out the fridge. Making room for the Thanksgiving leftovers that will soon be gracing my fridge for the next month, (because let’s not kid ourselves, they will get pushed around the shelves and then forgotten until there’s an odor).  One good thing about this however, is trash day is a DAY EARLY this week, so I won’t have to worry about having my bins out and animals getting into them.  

I leave you this week in hopes that you take the time to look around you and take in your surroundings, there’s is a lot in our community to be thankful for.  Don’t forget to give thanks to those around you for all they do, and most importantly, to those closest to you.

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  1. Nate

    We need you to remember to take after pictures next time so we can see the disaster

    1. Office Manager
      Lindsey Listing Owner

      I didn’t want there to be evidence. I do have the birthday cake fiasco though 😀