I would like to introduce myself, Chuck Robertson, one of the proud owners of Adirondack Techs, a managed IT service provider. Based in the beautiful Adirondacks of Northern New York, servicing a wide range of businesses country wide.

We understand choosing an IT services company is a critical decision for any business. Today’s modern business is highly dependent on a wide variety of technologies in order to function efficiently and remain competitive. Your company needs an IT services firm that is responsive, reliable, and has the knowledge and experience to maintain your company’s systems. Adirondack Techs is the answer to your technical support needs.

Our team of seasoned professionals possess years of experience in IT, Let our trained professionals be your company’s IT department.

Adirondack Techs is also your one stop shop for anything related to your technology infrastructure. We have partnered with several of the largest names in the industry as well as experienced local vendors to provide your company with any service, software, or hardware you may need. Instead of having to contact several different companies for your technology needs, just call one resource, Adirondack Techs.

Warmest Regards,

Chuck Robertson